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About The Chef Kitchen

The beloved Supper Club monthly pop up series fueled by Tajahi Cooke and his team, now has a permanent home at Freedom Street Social. This once traveling pop-up now welcomes in Chefs from all over the nation and local neighborhoods to collaborate with chef Cooke for a monthly residency program. The intertwining of culinary styles comes together at the beginning of the month with the first weekend being a tribute to the Supper Club dinner series, but the rest of that month’s residency is dedicated to the visiting Chef’s vision.

Cooke continues to bridge communities within Colorado but can now extend that connection beyond state lines. Local favorites will forever make their mark on Freedom Street Social, while Chefs from all over the country add diverse layers into the mix. The Chef Kitchen is a restaurant that doubles as a playground for chefs to experiment and express their vision for food without barriers or boundaries. These reflections expose the dynamic nature of our relationship with food and each other.

Meet Chef Tajahi Cooke

Tajahi Cooke is a chef at first glance but getting to know him unveils his power as a community link and leader. Among his passion for self-expression in the culinary arts, Cooke has a purpose behind his meals by ensuring the experience is coupled with conversation, unity, and authenticity. These pillars provided the root of the Supper Club, which made its mark as the sell-out monthly dinner pop-up during 2021. 

Cooke collaborated with renowned chefs in Denver to provide a thoughtful dining experience that intertwined people and their passion. He’s worked with Frank Bonanno, Hosea Rosenberg, and Kelly Whitaker to name a few with the intent of sharing memories and emotions through food. Instead of maintaining the cliche front and back of house division, the chefs welcomed in guests, talked about their dishes, and learned about the folks dining in front of them. This intimacy stood as Cooke’s revolution to intertwining different walks of life through our commonalities of food. A group of strangers evolves into a collective under the inspiring eye of Cooke’s collaborations. 

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Join us at The Chef Kitchen Wednesday through Sunday every week. Our visiting Chef will prepare a special menu for the duration of their residency integrating their flavors into a unique culinary experience for the Arvada community. We welcome you to explore our ever-changing culinary pop-up experience each month.

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